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The General Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, Yi Lianhong inspected Sunbird

Posted Time:2012-11-07 00:00 

“We should do efforts to build Hunan Province into the largest boat-building base in China, and implement Zhou Qiang, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee's instructions.” the Standing Committee member and the General Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, Yi Lianhong said, while he was inspecting the Sunbird Yacht. He also expressed his ardent expectations for the company.

 Yi Lianhong and his fellows, came to visit the Sunbird headquarter on the afternoon of October 31st, accompanied by the Municipal Party committee secretary of Yiyang City , Mayong, and the Mayor, Hu Zhongxiong, as well as the vice secretary of the Municipal Party committee , Cong Peimo. The Vice president of marketing, Huang Aimin, and the vice general manager, Zhang Chi went with the guests to visit the main factory as the receptionists and the representatives for Sunbird. In workshop No. 2, looking at a variety of yachts neatly arranged, Yi Lianhong raised a series of questions with keen interest. He asked Mr. Huang: "Has your company built any boat in the Diaoyu Islands? “ He asked some other questions about the boat length, the engine noise and the production cycle of the yachts. “Has your company ever provided boating for the armed police forces in our country?" Yi Lianhong also asked. And Huang Aimin gave the explanation and answers respectively to his questions. Yi Lianhong also appeared on the 53 foot yacht, down to the bedroom deck to see the interior decors, and also asked about the boat's price.

 While inspecting workshop No.1, Yi Lianhong was very concerned about the safety performance the company's specialised boat, and asked whether it could be assembled with weapons. Yi Lianhong was very happy when informed of Sunbird passing the on-site assessment by the General Armament Department security department, and he was glad to know that Sunbird was about to get the relevant qualifications. He hopes that Sunbird could make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the national defense industry in future. Yi Lianhong, as well as the other leaders, stood for quite a while in front of the electronic touch screen in the Ark Building Hall, listening to Huang Aimin's detailed instructions for the pictures. They appreciated the exquisite yacht pictures displayed on the screen and praise the company for their sleek yachts.

Yi Lianhong, together with his fellows, watched the company's promotional film in Miland Meeting Room. The Municipal Party committee secretary of Yuanjiang City, Deng Zongxiang,   said in his working report that the ship-building industry is the advantage industry of Yuanjiang City, within which Sunbird is the leading enterprise and also the first listed yacht company in China. During the period of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the city government will focus on promoting the key industrial projects, including the second phase of Sunbird project, and strives to achieve new development in the region economy. Yiyang municipal Party committee secretary Ma Yong said in a statement, the committee and the city hall will support Sunbird' improving and developing. And with Sunbird as a leader, the Yiyang City will strengthen the boat outfitting and supporting capacity building. The ship industry in Yiyang City will become the most promising industry in next few years.

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