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The Phoenix flies over Jingpo Lake—the 68ft Luyuandao was praised by its owner

Posted Time:2012-12-22 00:00 

The 68ft Phoenix Series is the model specifically launched for the market of mid-sized yachts segment by Sunbird Yacht.The sense of beauty and passion the yacht is capable of bestowing on guests is palpable, with numerous details for easy handling and relaxing , such as excellent power system, humanized and spacious layout. Once put into the market, the 68ft yacht received many favorable feedbacks from its owners.
          The company signed the manufacturing and sales contract with the Tokyo town Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province in December of last year. The yacht was used as tourist reception boat for the national 5A level scenic spots of Jingpo Lake area, and was delivered in June of this year. The length of all the boat is 21.14m, beam 5.43m, depth 2.822m, speed 38km/h. After running throughout the whole busy season, the equipment on the 68ft Luyuandao model still functions quite well, which was impressed and highly spoke of by the senor leaders of the Tokyo town Forestry Bureau as well as some tourists. As a result, the Bureau sent a Thanks Note to Sunbird Yacht, expressing their sincere thanks for the company’s smart design, superb techniques and timely after-sale service.

          The Tokyo town Forestry Bureau demands a high quality of the yacht. Before signing the contract with us, they had learned a lot about imported brands and other ship-yards in China, and they finally chose Sunbird brand after their visiting the yachts that we designed for other clients. Much attention was paid after the order taken, and our salesmen and designers were sent to know about the needs of the client face to face. Combining the geographical characteristics of Jingpo Lake, our technicians elaborately made the design and even took the trouble to modify the design and communicate with the client time after time, finally they meet the clien’s satisfaction. The production workers  built the yacht in strict accordance with the standards of construction while manufacturing, and they did not miss any details of each procedure. As for the testing process, we adhered to the  procedure of "self-inspection", "mutual inspection", and "special inspection", consequently, our scientific and strict quality management system effectively guarantees high product quality. In particular, the customer is very satisfied with our after-sale service. Our service representatives made the customer feel "tender-hearted" and "warm-hearted", with their passionate, sincere, efficient, and professional "nanny-style" service.
          This letter of thanks is not only a highly recognition for the 68ft model, but also for Sunbird Yacht. The satisfaction from our customers is our forward momentum. It is both encouragement and requirement for us. We will continue to improve product quality and service level, to carry out the mission of creating heart-warming yachts and services.

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